Career Alignment Profile™ and Color Cruncher™

CAP™ helps individuals to determine their strengths through the identification of their unique interests, abilities and work style preferences.  CAP generates a personal report to enable you to match your unique strengths to appropriate training, career fields, or other specific career opportunities.

Color Cruncher helps individuals evaluate optimal career choices by analyzing key words in job descriptions, job listings, training programs, and recreational and volunteer postings.

By using Color Cruncher in conjunction with your personalized CAP™ assessment report, you are able to compare your strengths to potential career fields and/or specific opportunities.  If the majority of your colors align with the results of the Color Cruncher, the opportunity is a potentially good match that you may choose to pursue.  If not, other options should be explored.

Certain aspects of the Careers In Motion Program, including all individual sessions and the courses "Improving Individual Job Preformance" and "Preparing an Accomplishment Based Resume" require that you complete the assessment prior to attending.  If you register for a course or session requiring CAP, your login information will be emailed to you in advance of the session or course start time.

At this time, CAP and Color Cruncher are not offered as stand-alone aspects of the Careers In Motion Program.

Please email us with any questions about CAP or Color Cruncher: