Points of Contact

There are many opportunities for you to sign up for courses and career counseling.

Courses & Workshops

To sign up for courses and workshops you must go to the DOC Learning Center.  You can access the Learning Center and find out more information about the Careers in Motion program by going to http://www.learning.doc.gov/

Individual Career Counseling

You can sign up for individual one-on-one counseling by emailing or calling Stefanie Silvano at 713-623-8780.

In-house Assistance

Should you require assistance within the Department of Commerce, please send an email to Gregory McHugh,

Technical Support

If you have feedback about this website or questions of a technical support nature, please email or call Stefanie Silvano at 713-623-8780.

Other Questions

Feel free to email or call the DOC program manager Gregory McHugh at or 202-482-1750.