Individual Career Counseling Sessions

This year, we are again offering our popular Individual Career Counseling Sessions.  These sessions are available to both local and remote employees.  The local meetings are held downtown in the Herbert C. Hoover Building and in Silver Spring at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Building.  The remote sessions are conducted via phone, and will be scheduled between the remote employee and the career counselor, due to time zone variations.

The sessions last for one hour, and the time is yours to spend however you choose.  You may decide to discuss your present job situation, your career advancement or you may concentrate on perfecting your resume.  As always, the content of your meeting will be kept confidential.  If you are interested, please email Stefanie, so we can schedule you right away!

Attendees of these sessions have said the following things:

"Provided very concrete advice and information that will be immediately helpful."

"Good insight in a short amount of time.  Well done!"

"The counselor has a great ability to hone in on my skills!  This is a very useful resource.  Thank you!"

"Would like to meet again!"

"Counselor is very knowledgeable.  The advice was very relevant.  This is a good use of time for myself and the DOC."

"Very inspiring and insightful!"

"I would recommend you to my coworkers or anyone seeking to better themselves professionally and emotionally."