Program Overview

The Careers In Motion Program (CM) is comprised of web-based tools for individual assessment and career planning; training workshops; and the opportunity for a one-hour individual planning session with a Certified Career Planning Consultant.

Assessment Tools

The assessment tools offered are the Career Alignment Profile™ and the Color Cruncher™.  CAP™ helps individuals to determine their strengths through the identification of their unique interests, abilities, and work style preferences.  CAP™ generates a personal report to enable an individual to match their unique strengths to appropriate training, career fields, or other specific career opportunities.

Color Cruncher™ helps individuals evaluate their optimal career choices.  Color Cruncher™ analyzes key words in job descriptions, job listings, and recreational and volunteer postings.  By using Color Cruncher™ in conjunction with the color-coded strength colors derived from the personalized CAP assessment report, individuals are able to compare their strengths to potential career fields and/or specific opportunities.  If the majority of an individual's colors align with the results of the Color Cruncher™ the opportunity is potentially a good match that the individual may choose to pursue.  If not, other options should be explored.

After you enroll in the Careers In Motion Program, you will be provided a unique user ID and password for Career Alignment Profile™.  It will enable you to access the Profile and ColorCruncher process and a Career Transition program workbook.

The Career Alignment Profile™ site will guide and instruct you on how to complete the assessment.  You may go in and out of the site as often as you desire.

Upon completion of the Career Alignment Profile™ assessment, you will receive a personal report that identifies your top three marketable strengths.

You will need to print out your personal profile report and bring it with you to the Knowing Success by Knowing Yourself and Others workshop, the Developing Your Career Path workshop and your individual career counseling session.


A series of workshops are offered:
  • The assessment process and how to use the resources for optimum career alignment
  • Writing an accomplishments-based resume
  • Interviewing and salary negotiation techniques
  • Using networking effectively
  • Communication Styles - Yours and Others
  • How to create your Individual Career Plan
  • Competencies for success in the workplace, across occupations

Individual Career Counseling Session

You have the opportunity, if desired, to schedule an individual session with a Certified Career Planning Consultant for guidance and assistance with your unique career planning needs. For more information, and to schedule a session, please email