Careers in Motion Course Descriptions

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Achieving Life Balance

All too often, our lives feel “out of balance.”  Because we focus so much energy on only one or two elements of our lives, we often neglect other crucial elements without even realizing it.  In this workshop, participants will learn to incorporate all six major elements for a full and balanced life:
  • One. A Healthy Lifestyle
  • Two. Strong Relationships with Family and Friends
  • Three. Ongoing Career Development
  • Four. Effective Time Management
  • Five. Positive Communications
  • Six. Everything Else - The "Details of Life"

Behavioral Based Interviewing Skills

The premise of behavioral-based interviewing is that the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in a similar situation.  Participants will learn:
  • The process of behavioral-based interviewing and how it is used by employers to ask probing interview questions to determine if applicants possess the skills they are seeking
  • Questions and answers that may typically be included in behavioral based interviews
  • Techniques and resources to enable successful navigation through the interview process

Communicating Your Accomplishments and Performance

Effectively communicating your accomplishments in the workplace is vital to progression within an organization.  In this workshop, participants learn to:
  • Understand the importance of two-way communication
  • Construct clear, concise messages in the interest of the receiver
  • Use nonverbal factors to reinforce their message
  • Listen actively to improve communication, and use feedback to overcome barriers to communication

Coping with Stress: Professionally & Personally

This recently updated and improved workshop uses self-assessments to help participants understand stress and how it affects their personal and professional lives.  Participants learn to:
  • Discover their own personal stress triggers
  • Minimize or eliminate common stress
  • Empty their "stress buckets" regularly
  • Improve their coping methods
  • Gain greater life satisfaction
  • Identify stress in others to improve relationships

Developing Your Career Path

Understanding focus, motivation, and personal strengths enables participants to appreciate their strengths in the workplace and the importance of effective career planning and efficient job search.  This session helps participants to:
  • Define and articulate their top three marketable strengths
  • Understand the path and process to successful career planning and development
  • Learn to use tools and resources for professional growth and development

Dimensions of Diversity: Addressing Career Challenges for Women and Minorities

Women and minorities face unique challenges as they progress in their careers. This workshop will explore many of those challenges and assist participants in developing strategies for success.  After exploring the power of diversity in the 21st century workplace, participants will identify challenges that they have faced in their own workplaces.  To address those challenges, class members will examine the importance of identifying possible career paths, developing the skills they need to get ahead, identifying suitable mentors, networking strategies, and finding support in professional groups, as well as:
  • Understand the importance of all dimensions of diversity in the workplace
  • Explore barriers and challenges for women and minorities
  • Investigate the importance of identifying and pursuing possible career pathways
  • Learn how to find and develop a relationship with an appropriate mentor
  • Develop professional networks, both in-person and virtually
  • Find support in professional groups, both inside the Department of Commerce and through professional associations

Eliminating Barriers to Success

This session teaches participants how to recognize negative behaviors in themselves and others.  Participants learn how to deal with these "barriers to success" and the predictable results.  This workshop assists participants to:
  • Identify the barriers to success in their lives
  • Recognize the warning signs that precede these barriers
  • Learn how to deal with others who "Hit Your Hot Buttons"
  • Create a plan of action to eliminate or reduce the barriers to success
  • Practice the skills to avoid the barriers to success in their future careers

For Supervisors and Team Leads: Building Trust to Improve Team Results

Effective Leaders commit to directing the efforts of others to accomplish specific goals and objectives.  This workshop will enable participants to:
  • Learn to use the sum of their individual traits, skills, and abilities to provide effective and consistent leadership
  • Understand that exercising true leadership involves building and sustaining trusting relationships between leaders and followers
  • Effectively provide the encouragement and support necessary to enable teams to realize their full potential and abilities
  • Realize that without this bond or connection, there are no willing followers and, therefore, no true leader

Improving Individual Job Performance

This interactive workshop focuses on understanding the competencies for successful job performance.  By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
  • Recognize the qualities and learn the skills that make an employee more professional on the job
  • Be aware of the standards and attributes required for professional job performance
  • Understand behavior related to interpersonal communication and job competencies for success in the workplace
  • Promote cooperation and teamwork through better communication with peers, managers, and other coworkers
  • Create their Individual Career Plan

Knowing Success by Knowing Yourself and Others

This workshop uses CMI's proprietary self-assessment to help participants understand themselves and others in a specific environment.  This workshop enables participants to:
  • Appreciate individual differences
  • Develop effective strategies for working with each other
  • Identify their personal behavioral style
  • Learn about the importance of accepting and respecting individual differences in behavior and needs in the workplace
  • Develop communication and behavioral strategies to accommodate differing behavioral styles
  • Learn to calibrate their communication style to that of an interviewer

Managing Time and Resources

Effective time management is critical to success in today's fast moving, multi-tasking workplace.  In this workshop, participants learn to:
  • Identify the different factors affecting time mastery
  • Assess their personal mastery of each factor
  • Develop detailed action plans on improving their management of time and priorities

Preparing Your Accomplishment Based Resume

When properly prepared and used, the resume becomes the ticket that removes the barriers to new career possibilities.  This workshop focuses on resume writing, interviewing tips, and techniques for effective salary negotiation. By the end of this session, participants will be able to:
  • Understand their marketable definition that sells
  • Produce a comprehensive resume
  • Illustrate how they can use their skills in a variety of situations
  • Understand the different types of interviews
  • Use tips and techniques for successful interviews

Seeing Opportunities with a Positive Attitude

Understanding the focus, motivation, and the behavior of others enables participants to appreciate individual differences, and to develop effective strategies for working with each other.  Participants will learn to:
  • Identify their work expectations
  • Discover which expectations they consider most important and get feedback on how to communicate their expectations to others
  • Take steps to get their expectations met, and adjust their expectations when appropriate to improve their outlook and enhance their attitude toward work

Skills to Building Workplace Rapport

This workshop enables participants to learn how their good manners can reflect in increased workplace harmony and positive rapport, even in difficult circumstances.   In this workshop, participants will:
  • Discuss the positive and negative results from good and bad workplace rapport
  • Discover the answer to "Can You Work With All Kinds of People?"
  • Learn how to positively disengage from negative rapport
  • Discover "When to Hold 'Em, and When to Fold 'Em"

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